What is Integrity Testing? 

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on January 29, 2024

Integrity testing is a proactive approach to preventative maintenance for both tube and plate heat exchangers in sanitary processing environments that allows for the early identification of potential leaks and failures.  Tube heat exchangers use a series of pipes to transfer heat from one medium to another.  Plate heat exchangers use plates and gaskets to create separated channels that transfer heat from one medium to another.   

Commonly used in dairy and beverage processing facilities, these heat exchangers are susceptible to small cracks and wear which can decrease their efficiency, become a point for contamination, and pose potential safety issues.  Masterleo’s integrity testing service can quickly detect microscopic cracks and gasket failures to give you the knowledge to plan for repairs and replacement. Knowing the current and future status of your gaskets, tubes, and plates is a very powerful piece of information to have when trying to navigate supply chain issues and long lead times! 

Masterleo’s System 

Masterleo uses a food-safe, non-toxic, non-flammable hydrogen-based integrity testing system to evaluate your heat exchangers at three different levels.  With four simple steps, our trained technicians can perform this preventative maintenance service quickly and accurately. 

How Integrity Testing Works  

Step 1- The heat exchanger is connected to Masterleo’s testing unit which pumps a hydrogen-nitrogen gas mix into one side of it.  The other side is hooked up to compressed air which also circulates through the testing unit. 

Step 2- The gas mix circulates through your heat exchanger and if there are any cracks or holes, the gas will leak into the other side and be detected and recorded in our system. The technician will inspect the exterior of the heat exchanger with a wand sensor to detect external leaks. 

Step 3- This process is repeated at three different pressure levels to ensure accurate and reliable results. The maximum pressure rating of the heat exchanger will never be exceeded. 

Step 4- Our technicians will review the data to create a report of their findings, making recommendations for any next steps to be taken. 

Find Leaks Fast  

Our system can detect the most microscopic leaks in plates and gaskets in a matter of minutes, ensuring that you can make repairs and exchanges quickly before your sanitary process suffers.  Our trained technicians will quickly and diligently provide you with the most accurate and reliable results to keep your heat exchangers in optimal operating condition while providing minimal disruption to your production process. 

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of integrity testing or to get a quote. 

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