Masterleo’s SmartSwitch solution leverages the technology of optical sensors for food, dairy and beverage applications to reduce product shrink and minimize BOD charges. The savings are endless when incorporating this innovation into your system. 

The term “SmartSwitch” has been around since the first stand-alone system Masterleo produced that provided the ability to detect and alert operators of the precise time in which their water-to-product and product-to-water transitions were completed. The initial sensors used in the food industry by Masterleo for this application started rather simply and the system caused a light to flash when good product began flowing down the drain. 

This concept has evolved and now provides the flexibility to tie into existing food, beverage and dairy processor’s control system or have a fully independent system control your valve switching based on the information the optical sensors are reporting.

With a wide variety of turbidity sensors used in the food industry, Masterleo can tailor an application that meets each processors specific needs. Let us show you how we can save you money, reduce your product shrink as well as reduce your facility’s BOD charges through SmartSwitch. 

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