Integrity Testing

To ensure heat exchangers in your facility are safe and efficient it is crucial that these devices remain free from even the smallest crack.  One way to judge the strength of these plates is through integrity testing.  

Integrity testing is a form of preventative maintenance that can help increase efficiency in your processing facility while minimizing downtime.  This process makes sure your plate heat exchangers are crack free in 15 minutes per test.   

What is Integrity Testing 

Masterleo’s integrity testing services use a hydrogen-based system to quickly and safely evaluate the strength of your plate heat exchangers at three different pressures. Using Masterleo for integrity testing allows you to rest easy knowing you have a highly accurate understating of your processing equipment.  

  • Fully automated system eliminates operator error 
  • Non-flammable and nontoxic gas mix creates a safe process  
  • Quick 15-minute test reduces downtime in your facility  
  • Use of hydrogen and nitrogen reduces environmental strain  

Integrity testing from Masterleo is extremely accurate with low background concentrations, the hydrogen-nitrogen mix (5-95%/10-90%) gives no risk of false positives.  The high accuracy of the machine’s sensor allows our technicians to quickly identify the type of plate or gasket flaw. Masterleo’s efficient testing method can be executed in approximately 15 minutes per section with no need to open the units to run this test and no cleanup is required.  


How It Works 

This testing for plate heat exchangers, follows this simple process:

  1. One side of the unit will be connected to the compressed air and the machine sensor. The other side is connected to the gas mix.
  2. If there are any holes or cracks, the gas will leak through to the air side measure in the system.   
  3. Measurements are taken at three different pressures, which will generate an accurate graph to identify the type of flaw.   
  4. A report with the findings will be submitted to you, which will include recommendations for safe and reliable operation of your equipment.  


Benefits of Integrity Testing 

The hydrogen-nitrogen mix used for integrity testing is the ideal gas for finding microscopic flaws in the plate and gasket before  they become leaks allowing you to process product with the confidence that no cross-contamination is occurring.  Unlike other methods, hydrogen and nitrogen are sustainable, non-scarce recourses that can be used without environmental concerns.  Other benefits of our  integrity testing services include:

  • Increases product safety 
  • Allows for compliance with industry regulations  

Masterleo’s integrity testing process is able to easily detect even the smallest cracks in your plate heat exchangers and recommend the replacements necessary to keep your sanitary process up and running.  Contact us to schedule your Integrity Testing Service 

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