Custody Transfer

Every food, diary and beverage processing plant knows—and winces at—the term “shrinkage.” Shrinkage is the loss of bottom-line profit caused by factors such as inadequate measurement. A prime shrinkage site is the receiving dock where raw product is moved from the hauler to the plant. 

Relying on the haulers dipstick and weigh scale, rather than a custody transfer meter can leave processors wondering exactly how much product they are buying. Custody transfer without a custody transfer measurement system can result in food, dairy and beverage processors pay for extra product due to dirt, snow and ice left on the truck or product that is left in the tank after pumping. 

Custody Transfer

By incorporating the right custody transfer meter into your sanitary processing system, you will be able to pinpoint the exact quantity of raw product your plant is receiving and paying for. Masterleo can help your team identify the right custody flow meter or custody metering system to ensure you are maximizing profits from the very first step of the process.  

Talk to an expert from Masterleo today to learn more about how the right custody transfer measurement system can make a big impact to your bottom line. 

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