Control Point Identification

There’s many variables that contribute to safe and efficient food, beverage and dairy processing. Identifying hazards and critical control points with the help of an outside party can head-off risks and consequences associated with unsafe processing conditions. Masterleo can work with plant personnel on critical control point identification throughout your manufacturing process. 

A Control Point (CP), as it applies to instrumentation, is defined as any instrument in the manufacturing process that must be calibrated on a recurring time interval (usually not to exceed annual calibration).  A Critical Control Point (CCP) designated instrument is similar to a CP but has greater importance placed on its proper operation and accuracy. CCP is defined as any instrument that is vital to the manufacturing process and must be calibrated on a frequently recurring time interval. 

Identification of critical control points and establishing critical control point monitoring requirements is an essential part of compliancy, efficiency and safety for food, dairy and beverage processors. 

Collaborate with Masterleo to identify hazards and critical control points within your process. We can also tag your instruments with color coded tags so CPs and CCPs are quickly and easily identifiable.

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