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Whether you need preventative maintenance, emergency service, instrumentation, engineering services and/or third-party audits, Masterleo is the business partner for you. Many fortune 500 companies put their trust in us to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase company profits.


Our vast selection of products enables us to help you find the exact right product for you and your facility. From replacement charts and pens, to highly advanced instrumentation, we can help you find the products you need.

Instrumentation Sales

Cost saving applications are a specialty of ours. Let us show you how we can help save you money. If we do not already have a custom application for your specific problem, we will build you one.

Cost Saving Applications

Service Overview


Pasteurization Service Support

  • Preventative Maintenance & Calibration, Repairs All System Types
  • On-Site Support & Direction > Regulatory Agency Inspections
  • Corrective Actions & Repairs
  • “24/7” Emergency Tech. Support
  • New System Start-Up’s & Installations


  • Manage & Execute Timely Calibration Schedule
  • Documented & Customized Reporting
  • Customized Service Plan & Schedule

Inventory Management

  • Custom Designed Replenishment Program
  • Procurement Access > Leading Manufacturers > Competitive Pricing
  • On-Site Audit Reviews > Masterleo Technicians


  • Customized HTST Group Training Modules
  • PMO Controls & Instrument Modules
  • New Equipment Start-up Applications
  • Partnership Training Modules > Ohio State College Dairy Science

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Instrumentation Sales











Chart Pool


Cost Saving Applications

Foxboro Custody Transfer Application

Custody Transfer

Every processing plant executive knows—and winces at—the term “shrinkage.” It’s the loss of bottom-line profit caused by factors such as inadequate measurement. A prime shrinkage site is the receiving dock where the custody of raw product is transferred from the hauler to the plant. 

Exactly how much product are you buying? Perhaps you rely on the hauler’s dipstick estimate with its inevitable inaccuracies. Or you depend on a weigh scale, and pay for the weight it registers. However, you are often paying for extra truck loading due to dirt, snow, ice, additional surplus poundage, and product that is left in the tank after pumping. 

The dairy business for example, has always conducted business this way and it was accepted that there was no way to change it. Until now.



The term "SmartSwitch" has been around since the first stand alone system Masterleo produced that provided the ability to detect and alert operators of the precise time in which their water-to-product and product-to-water transitions were completed. It started rather simply and the system caused a light to flash when good product began flowing down the drain. 

This concept has evolved and now provides the flexibility to tie into your existing control system or have a fully independent system control your valve switching based on the information our optical sensors are reporting.

With a wide variety of turbidity sensors we can tailor an application that meets your needs. Let us show you how we can save you money, reduce your product shrink as well as reduce your facility's BOD charges.

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