Brian Henry

Operations Manager

When Brian Henry stumbled into a job at Masterleo in 2005 as Field Service Tech he had no expectations of the industry, but working with the people in the food, dairy and beverage industry is his favorite part of the job. He believes they are a uniquely wonderful group of people and he enjoys helping keep their systems in compliance, or to get them back up and running following unexpected downtime while ensuring profitability and product safety. 

No two days are alike for Brian as he now serves as Masterleo’s Operations Manager. He jumps from sales to technical support and into complex trouble shooting for down customers regularly. He draws on a diverse background of US Air Force tactical satellite and wideband communication systems expertise, an electronic systems technology degree and a BS in business administration to help successfully execute the many facets of his day-to-day responsibilities. 

Outside the office, Brian enjoys family time with his daughter the artist and son the athlete, watching sports, serving as friends and family’s resident tech geek and amateur photography. He has always wanted to skydive, but has thus far opted to keep things fun and lively by injecting colorful movie quotes into everyday conversations.