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Custody Transfer

What is Custody Transfer?

A Custody Transfer flow meter, sometimes called a fiscal meter or billing meter, is a flow meter used to determine how much of a commodity changes hands in exchange for some monetary or financial consideration.

Acceptable Losses?

Every processing plant executive knows—and winces at—the term “shrinkage.”  It’s the loss of bottom-line profit caused by factors such as inadequate measurement.  A prime shrinkage site is the receiving dock where the custody of raw product is transferred from the hauler to the plant.

Exactly how much product are you buying?  Perhaps you rely on the hauler’s dipstick estimate with its inevitable inaccuracies.  Or you depend on a weigh scale, and pay for the weight it registers.  However, you are often paying for extra truck loading due to dirt, snow, ice, additional surplus poundage, and product that is left in the tank after pumping. The dairy business for example, has always conducted business this way and it was accepted that there was no way to change it.  Until now.

Who could benefit from a Custody Transfer application?

  • Dairy Processing
  • Ethanol/ Bio Fuels
  • Food and Beverages
  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Potentially any liquid transported by tank trucks, or rail cars….particularly when money changes hands 

The Foxboro Advantage

  • The new CFT51 / CFS20 is the only coriolis system suitable to deal with the large amounts of entrained air that exist at the beginning and end of a truck off loading 
  • Start and finish empty capability (important for milk applications)
  • Fast response time to deal with aggressive slugging
  • Better than scales, better than the competition, remarkable payback

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation presented by Pat McGuff (Executive VP, Masterleo) at the 2011 IDFA conference.

PDF Download

Click on the above link to download a PDF brochure of our Custody Transfer Application.

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